Referee in the United States

A quasi-judicial officer who can conduct a hearing on a pending matter and report findings to the court. Referees are typically attorneys and are appointed by judges to handle particular matters. Referees have the authority to take testimony and are often used to gather information in complex cases. The report of a referee’s findings becomes the basis of a court judgment. A similar function is performed by a person known as a master or special master. The term referee is occasionally used in reference to judicial officers who handle traffic or ordinance violations. Most jurisdictions use magistrates to perform this function instead of referees.

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Judge (Judicial Personnel issue) Magistrate (Judicial Personnel issue).

Analysis and Relevance

The term referee derives from the word “refer.” Matters handled by referees are specifically “referred” by a court. Referees relieve the courts from matters of volume and detail. Use of referees also creates a two-stage disposition process where preliminary consideration is given to particular issues that will also be considered by courts. Use of a referee allows courts to focus themselves on the more substantial aspects or “bigger picture” issues of a case.

Notes and References

  1. Definition of Referee from the American Law Dictionary, 1991, California

Referee Definition

The person to whom a reference (q. V.) is made.

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The person to whom a reference (q. V.) is made.

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This definition of Referee Is based on the The Cyclopedic Law Dictionary . This definition needs to be proofread..

Practical Information

Note: Some of this information was last updated in 1982

An officer of the court who has power to hear testimony and decide certain facts. The officer then reports to the court those facts upon which the court enters judgment.

(Revised by Ann De Vries)

What is Referee?

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Meaning of Referee

In plain or simple terms, Referee means: A person to whom a case is referred by the court to take testimony, hear the parties and report to the court.


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