Immigration in United States Immigration Definition The removing into one place from another. It differs from "emigration," which is the moving from one place into another. Read more about the meaning of Immigration in the law Dictionaries. Immigration: A Nation of Immigrants […]

Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission in the United States See: Federal Trade Commission 2 Origins This American Commission was created by Act of the U.S. Congress, approved Sept. 26 1914, for the prevention of unfair methods of competition in commerce. It is composed of five […]


Patents in the United States This part of the Encyclopedia of Law provides an overview of the basic attributes of patents, along with the patentability requirements, practice in the USPTO, primarily the steps involved in obtaining a patent, some post-issuance considerations such as the patent […]


Apportionment in United States Apportionment Definition

The division or distribution of a subject-matter in proportionate parts. Co. Litt. 147; 1 Swanst. 37, note; 1 Story, Eq. Jur. 475a. Of Contracts. The allowance, in case of the partial performance of a contract, of a proportionate […]

Interstate Commerce

Interstate Commerce in the United States The phrase “interstate commerce,” as used in the United States, denotes commerce between the citizens of different states of the Union. The words “interstate” and “intrastate” are not found in the constitution nor, until comparatively recently, in […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the United States Definition of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Settlement of civil disputes by means other than trial. The move to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) was prompted by a number of factors, but largely the time, expense, and […]


Reports in the United States Reports and the State Laws Select from the list of U.S. States below for state-specific information on Reports: Reports in the Subject Index of the Alabama Portal Reports in the Subject Index of the Alaska Portal Reports in the Subject Index of the Arizona Portal […]


Verdict in the United States A finding by a jury on a fact question formally submitted to it for deliberation. The verdict is reported to the court and announced. Either party is entitled to request that the jury be polled. This requires that each juror disclose in open court his or her vote. […]


Procedure in United States Procedure Definition

The rule of pleading and practice by which, rights are enforced. It is generally considered as not including the law of evidence.

Procedure in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

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Procedure, Procedure […]


Smuggling in United States Smuggling Definition The fraudulent taking into a country, or out of it, merchandise which is lawfully prohibited. More specifically, a secret introduction of goods into a state with intent to avoid payment of duty thereon. Bac. Abr. Smuggling in Foreign Legal […]


Kidnapping in United States Kidnapping Definition The forcible abduction or stealing away of a man, woman, or ohild from their own country, and sending them into another Kidnapping in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Kidnapping, Kidnapping in the World Legal Encyclopedia., […]


Taxation in United States Taxation Definition The process of taxing or imposing a tax. Webster. In Practice. Adjustment. Fixing the amount; e. g., taxation of costs. 3 Chit. Gen. Prac. 602. Taxation in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

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Taxation, Taxation […]


Resources Further Reading Call for Manuscripts (letter), Cole, George F., 60: 161 (Nov. '76, AJS Judicature) Congratulations (letter), Hinsdale, C.E., 60: 205 (Dec. '76, AJS Judicature) Equal Justice? (letter), Reed, Harry, 60: 161 (Nov. '76, AJS Judicature) A Forum for […]

Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve System in the United States Introduction The Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States, administers and formulates the Nation’s credit and monetary policy. The Federal Reserve System (FRS) was established by the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 221), […]


Administration in United States Administration Definition (Lat. Administrare, to assist in). Management or control. Of Government. The management of the executive department of the government. Those charged with the management of the executive department of the government. Of Estates. The […]


Corporation in United States Corporation Definition (Lat. corpus, a body). A franchise possessed by one or more individuals, who subsist as a body politic under a special denomination, and are vested, by the policy of the law, with the capacity of perpetual succession, and of acting in […]