List of Legal Treatises by Subject

List of Legal Treatises by Subject in the United States

Legal treatises are books that provide an in-depth overview of a particular legal subject such as bankruptcy, patents, criminal procedure, etc. Treatises provide an authoritative, exhaustive and highly organized explanation, analysis and synthesis of the law. They are published in a number of formats, including multi-volume sets, single volume works, and looseleaf binders. This page lists selected, notable legal treatises by subject and provides occasional references to one-volume overviews aimed at the law student market.

Legal treatises are updated on varying schedules and some are not updated at all. Locate currency information for a particular legal treatise, plese. However, we show below a list of classsical works.

To determine the titles of additional treatises, or to find those on subjects not addressed here, see IndexMaster, The Legal Information Buyer’s Guide and Reference Manual by Kendall F. Svengalis (KF 1 .L425) or Legal Information: How to Find It, How to Use It by Kent C. Olson (KF 240.O365 1999).

Administrative Law

Administrative Law Treatise by Richard J. Pierce Jr., 4th ed. 2002- (KF 5402 .D32 2002) (Multi-volume)

Admiralty & Maritime Law

  • Benedict on Admiralty revised by Elijah E. Jhirad and Alexander Sann, 7th ed. 1982- (KF 1104 .B4 1950z) (Multi-volume looseleaf)
  • The Law of Seamen by Robert Force and Martin J. Norris, 5th ed. 2003- (KF 1121 .N642x) (Multi-volume looseleaf)

Agency, Partnerships & Limited-Liability Companies

  • An Introduction to Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs by Melvin A. Eisenberg, 4th ed. 2005 (KF 1366 .E38 2005)
  • Restatement of the Law Second, Agency 2d by American Law Institute, Warren A. Seavey, reporter, 1958- (KF 1345 .A764 1958)

American Law & Jurisprudence

  • American Law: An Introduction by Lawrence M. Friedman (2nd ed. 1998) (KF 387 .F74 1998a)
  • Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States by William Burnham (4th ed. 2006) (KF 386 .B88 2006x)
  • An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States by E. Allan Farnsworth (3rd ed. 1996) (KF 387 .F3 1996)
  • Law in the United States: A General and Comparative View by Arthur Taylor von Mehren (1988) (KF 385 .V66 1987)
  • Law of the United States: An Overview by Peter Hay (2002) (KF 386 .H39x 2002)

Animal Law

  • Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook by Jordan Curnutt, 2001 (KF 390.5 .A5 C87 2001)
  • Animal Law: cases and materials by Sonia S. Waisman, Bruce A. Wagman and Pamela D. Frasch, 2006 (KF 390.5 .A5 W35 2006x)

Antitrust Law

  • Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application by Phillip E. Areeda and Herbert Hovenkamp, 2nd ed. 1978- (KF 1649 .A8) (Multi-volume)
  • Fundamentals of Antitrust Law by Phillip E. Areeda and Herbert Hovenkamp, 3rd ed. 2004- (KF 1649 .A822x) (Looseleaf)

Art Law

  • Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists by Ralph E. Lerner and Judith Bresler, 3rd ed. 2005 (KF 4288 .Z9 L47x 2005)
  • The Deskbook of Art Law by Leonard D. DuBoff and Sally Holt Caplan, 2nd ed. 1993- (KF 4288 .D82 1993) (Looseleaf)
  • Art Law research resources and bibliography (in this legal Encyclopedia)


Collier on Bankruptcy by Lawrence P. King, editor-in chief, 15th ed. rev. 1996- (KF 1524 .C62x) (Multi-volume looseleaf)

Civil Procedure

  • Federal Practice and Procedure by Charles Alan Wright, 1969 (KF8840.W68)
  • Moore’s Federal Practice by James W. Moore, 3rd ed. 1997 (KF 8820.A313 M632x)

Commercial Law

  • Lawrence’s Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code by Lary Lawrence & Ronald A. Anderson, 3rd ed. 1981- (879.514 .A53 1981) (Multi-volume)
  • Uniform Commercial Code by James J. White and Robert S. Summers, 5th ed. 2002- (KF 890 .W45 2002x) (Multi-volume)

Constitutional Law

  • American Constitutional Law by Laurence H. Tribe, 3rd ed. 2000 (4550 .T785 2000x) (Incomplete, see 2nd ed. for matters not covered in the 3rd ed.)
  • American Constitutional Law by Laurence H. Tribe, 2nd ed. 1988 ( KF 4550 .T785 1988)
  • American Constitutional Law by Louis Fisher, 6th ed. 2005 (KF 4549. F57 2005)
  • Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure by Ronald D. Rotunda and John E. Nowak, 4th ed. 2007 – (KF 4550 .R63 2007) (Multi-volume)


  • Corbin on Contracts by Arthur L. Corbin, rev. ed. 1993 (KF 801 .C65 1993). Also available on Lexis.
  • Contracts by E. Allan Farnsworth, 4th ed. 2004 (KF 801 .F365 2004)
  • A Treatise on the Law of Contracts by Samuel Williston, 4th ed. 1990 (KF 801 .L67 1990). Also on Westlaw.
  • Restatement of the Law, Contracts 2nd by American Law Institute, 1981 ( KF 801 .R47 1981). Also on Westlaw.


  • Boorstyn on Copyright by Neil Boorstyn, 2nd ed. 1994 (KF 2994 .B66 1994)
  • Copyright Law and Practice by William F. Patry, 1994 (KF 2994 .P35 1994)
  • Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property, and the Protection of Ideas by Melville B. Nimmer, 1978 (KF 2991.5 .N5 1978)


  • Cox and Hazen on Corporations: Including Unincorporated Forms of Doing Business by James D. Cox and Thomas Lee Hazen, 2nd ed. 2003 (KF 1414 .C693 2003)
  • Corporations by James D. Cox and Thomas Lee Hazen, 2003 (KF 1414. C6932x 2003) (student edition)

Criminal Law & Procedure

  • Constitutional Rights of the Accused by Joseph G. Cook, 3rd ed. 1996 (KF 9619 .C642)
  • Orfield’s Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules by Lester B. Orfield, 2nd ed. 1985- (KF 9619 .O7x 1985)
  • Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment by Wayne R. LaFave, 4th ed. 2004 (KF 9630 .L26 2004x)
  • Searches & Seizures, Arrests and Confessions by William E. Ringel, 2nd ed. [2003 ed.] (KF9625 .R532 2003)
  • Wharton’s Criminal Law by Charles E. Torcia, 15th ed. 1993 (KF 9219 .W43 1993x)
  • Wharton’s Criminal Procedure by Nancy Hollander, Barbara E. Bergman and Melissa Stephenson, 13th ed. 2002 (KF 9619 .T672x)
  • Wharton’s Criminal Evidence by Barbara E. Bergman and Nancy Hollander, 15th ed. 1997 (KF 9660 .B47 1997)

E-commerce Law

The Law of Electronic Commerce by Jane K. Winn, 4th ed. 2001 (KF 390 .B84 W56x)

Education Law

Education Law by James A. Rapp, 1984 (KF 4119 .R36 1984)

Entertainment Law

  • Entertainment Law by Robert Fremlin, 2006 (KF 4290 .F74 2006x)
  • Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts: Agreements and the Law by Alexander Lindey and Michael Landau, 3rd ed. 2004 (KF 4290 .L56x)

Environmental Law

Treatise on Environmental Law by Frank P. Grad, 1973 (KF 3775 .G7)


  • Evidence: Practice Under the Rules by Christopher B. Mueller and Laird C. Kirkpatrick, 2nd ed. 1999 (KF 8935 .M845 1999)
  • Weinstein’s Federal Evidence: Commentary on Rules of Evidence for the United States Courts by General Editor, Joseph M. McLaughlin; Original Authors, Jack B. Weinstein and Margaret A. Berger, 2nd ed. 1997 (KF 8935 .W3912x)
  • Student edition of Weinstein’s Evidence Manual by Jack B. Weinstein and Margaret A. Berger, 5th ed. 2001 (KF 8935 .W4 2001)
  • Federal Evidence by Glen Weissenberg and James J. Duane, 5th ed. 2006 (KF 8935 .W46 2006)
  • Modern Scientific Evidence: the Law and Science of Expert Testimony by David L. Faigman et al., 2005/2006 ed. 2005 (KF 8961 .M632 2005)

Family Law

  • Family Law and Practice by Arnold H. Rutkin, General Editor; Contributing Author, Myrna Felder, 1985 (KF 533.4 .F35x 1985)
  • Family Law resources in this legal Encyclopedia

Federal Practice & Procedure

  • Federal Practice and Procedure by Charles Alan Wright, 1969 (KF 8840 .W68)
  • Law of Federal Courts by Charles Alan Wright, 6th ed. 2002 (KF 8840 .W7 2002) (hornbook)
  • Moore’s Federal Practice by James W. Moore, 3rd ed. 1997 (KF 8820 .A313 M632x)

Immigration Law

Immigration Law and Procedure: Practice and Strategy by Charles Gordon and Stanley Mailman, rev. ed. 1988 (KF 4819 .G66x 1988)

Insurance Law

Holmes’s Appleman on Insurance, 2d by Eric Mills Holmes, general editor; Eric Mills Holmes and Mark S. Rhodes, authors, 2nd ed. 1996- (KF 1164 .A76 1996) (Multi-volume)

International Law

  • Principles of Public International Law by Ian Brownlie, 6th ed. 2003 (KZ3225.B76 A37 2003x)
  • International Law by Antonia Cassese, 2nd ed. 2005 (KZ3395.C25 A35 2005)
  • An Introduction to International Law by Mark W. Janis, 4th Ed. 2003 (KZ3140.J36 A35 2003)
  • Akehurst’s Modern Introduction to International Law, 7th Rev ed. 1997 (JX1308.A43 1997)

Internet & Information Law

  • Information Law by Raymond T. Nimmer, 2002 recompiled ed. 2002- (KF 390.5 .C6 .I55x) (Also available on Westlaw) (Looseleaf)
  • Internet and Online Law by Kent D. Stuckey with contributing authors, 1996- (KF 390.5 .C6 S78x) (Also available on Westlaw) (Looseleaf)
  • Internet Law and Practice, 2002- (KF 390.5 .C6 .I55x) (Also available on Westlaw) (Looseleaf)
  • Jurisdiction by Jonathan L. Zittrain, 2005 (K 564 .C6 Z58x 2005)
  • Law and the Information Superhighway by Henry H. Perritt, Jr., 2nd ed. 2001 with 2006 supplement (KF 390.5 .C6 P47 2001)
  • The Law of Defamation and the Internet by Matthew Collins, 2nd ed. 2005 (K 930 .C65 2005)
  • Law of the Internet by George B. Delta and Jeffrey H. Matsuura, 2nd ed. 2002- (KF 390.5 .C6 D452x) (Looseleaf)
  • Law of the Internet by F. Lawrence Street (Available on LexisNexis)

Labor & Employment Law

  • Employment Discrimination by Lex K. Larson; Original Work by Arthur Larson; Practice Forms by Lex K. Larson and Jonathan R. Harkavy, 2nd ed. 1994 (KF 3464 .L37 1994)
  • Labor and Employment Law by N. Peter Lareau, 2003 (KF 3365 .L472x) (continues Labor Law by Theodore Kheel, 1972 (KF 3464 .K47))

Law & Philosophy

  • The Concept of Law, 2nd ed. 1994 by H.L.A. Hart (K 237 .H3 1994)
  • Law’s Empire by Ronald Dworkin, 1986 (K 237 .D86 1986)
  • A Matter of Principle by Ronald Dworkin, 1985 (KF 380 .D85 1985)
  • Philosophy of Law: An Introduction to Jurisprudence by Jeffrie G. Murphy and Jules L. Coleman, 1990 (K 231 .M87 1990)

Legal Ethics

Restatement of the Law, the Law Governing Lawyers by American Law Institute, 2000 (KF 300 .R47 2000x)

Legal Research

Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law by Stephen Elias and Susan Levinkind, 13th ed. 2005 (KF 240 .E35 2005)

Libel & Slander

  • Law of Defamation by Rodney A. Smolla, 2nd ed. 1999 (KF 1266.S562x)
  • Sack on Defamation: Libel, Slander, and Related Problems by Robert D. Sack, 3rd ed. 1999 (KF 1266.S213x)


Milgrim on Licensing by Roger M. Milgrim, 1990 (KF 3145 .M55 1990)

Municipal Law

Treatise on the Law of Municipal Corporations by Eugene McQuillin, edited by Clark A. Nichols et al., 3rd ed.1949 (KF 5305 .M34)

Native American Law

  • Handbook of Federal Indian Law: with Reference Tables and Index by Felix S. Cohen, reprint ed. 1988 (KF 8205 .C6x 1988x)
  • For more information on researching Native American or Tribal Law, click here.


  • Chisum on Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity, and Infringement by Donald S. Chisum, 1978 (KF 3114 .C47)
  • Moy’s Walker on Patents by Carl R. Moy, 4th ed. 2003 (KF 3114 .D442 2003)

Real Property

  • Contracts and Conveyances of Real Property by Milton R. Friedman, 7th ed. 2005 (KF 670 .F72x 2005)
  • Nichols’ the Law of Eminent Domain by Julius L. Sackman, Rev. 3rd ed. 1964 (KF 5599 .A6 S3)
  • The Law of Real Property by Richard R. Powell, Rev. ed. by Patrick J. Rohan 1969 (KF 570 .P6)

Securities Law

  • The Law of Securities Regulation by Thomas Lee Hazen, 5th ed. 2006 (KF 1439 .H39 2006x) (hornbook)
  • Fundamentals of Securities Regulation by Louis Loss and Joel Seligman, 5th ed. 2004 (KF 1439 .L68 2004)

Sports Law

  • Law of Professional and Amateur Sports by Gary A. Uberstine, Editor; Richard J. Grad, Associate Editor, 2002 (KF3989 .L382)
  • Sports Law Practice by Martin J. Greenberg and James T. Gray, 2nd ed. 1998 (KF 3989 .G74x 1998)


  • Nichols’ The Law of Eminent Domain by Julius L. Sackman, Rev. 3d ed. 1964- (KF 5599 .A6 S3) (Multi-volume looseleaf)
  • Regulatory Takings by Steven J. Eagle, 3rd ed. 2005 (KF 5599 E18 2005)


  • Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts by Boris I. Bittker and Lawrence Lokken, 3rd ed. 1999 (KF 6335 .B48x 1999)
  • The Law of Federal Income Taxation by Callaghan and Company, 1942 (KF 6365 .M4)
  • Standard Federal Tax Reporter by Commerce Clearing House, 1945 (KF 6285 .C67)
  • For more information on researching federal tax law, click here.

Taxation of Financial Products

  • Federal Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions by Kevin M. Keyes, 1997- (KF 6415 .K49)
  • Financial Products: Taxation, Regulation, and Design by Andrea S. Kramer, 3rd ed. 2000 (KF 6415. K732)
  • Taxation of Financial Instruments by Reuven Avi-Yonah, David B. Newman and Diane Ring, 1996-1999 (KF 6415 .A98)


  • The American Law of Torts by Stuart M. Speiser, Charles F. Krause and Alfred W. Gans, 1983- (KF 1250 .S568 1983) (Multi-volume)
  • The Law of Torts by Dan B. Dobbs, 2001- (KF 1250 .D59 2001) (Multi-volume)
  • Restatement of the Law Second, Torts 2d by American Law Institute, William L. Prosser, reporter, 1965- (KF 1249 .A4 R47)


  • Callmann on Unfair Competition, Trademarks, and Monopolies. by Louis Altman, 4th ed. 2003 ( KF1609 .C332x )
  • McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition by J. Thomas McCarthy, 4th ed. 1996 (KF 3180 .M29 1996)

Trade Secrets

  • Milgrim on Trade Secrets by Roger M. Milgrim, 1984- (KF 3197 .A6 M5) (Multi-volume looseleaf)
  • Trade Secrets: a State-by-State Survey by Brian M. Malsberger; board of review associate editors, Samuel M. Brock, III and Arnold H. Pedowitz, 3rd ed. 2006- (KF 3197 .Z95 M35 2006x) (Multi-volume)
  • Trade Secrets Law by Melvin F. Jager, 2002 (KF 3197 .J34 1985) (Multi-volume looseleaf)

Trusts & Estates

  • Page on the Law of Wills, including Probate, Will Contests, Evidence, Taxation, Conflicts, Estate Planning, Forms, and Statutes Relating to Wills by William Herbert Page, rev. treatise by William J. Bowe and Douglas H. Parker 1960-1982 (KF 755 .P34)
  • The Law of Trusts (Scott on Trusts) by Austin Wakeman Scott, William Franklin Fratcher, 4th ed. (KF 730.S36x 1987)






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