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Internal Revenue Service Index

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Internal Revenue Service Index Main Categories: Tax Definitions Tax Meanings Tax Terms [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section] Related Entries: Agreement Relating to the “INTELSAT” International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine and Living Resources Treaty of Westphalia Revenge Convention Relating to Damage Caused by Foreign Aircraft to Third Parties … Read more

Agenda Setting

Agenda Setting Note: for information on Certiorari, please see here. Agenda Setting on the U.S. Supreme Court The first important aspect to note are the institutional rules governing the Supreme Court’s agenda-setting decisions. Again, Congress has the ability to alter the Court’s appellate jurisdiction to determine which appeals it must hear versus those that it … Read more


Aged in the United States Aged Workers and People Related Subjectss Related subject matters include: Social Protection There is related information to this topic in this American legal encyclopedia. Social Security There is related information to this topic in this American legal encyclopedia. Employment Affairs There is related information to this topic in this American … Read more

Student Criminal Liability

Student Criminal Liability Criminal Liability in general About Criminal Liability in general, see here. Student Criminal Liability New Mexico Court of Appeals long ago alerted law enforcement that the statutory language on which the officer relied for the arrest in many casees does not criminalize “noise[s] or diversion[s]” that merely “disturb the peace or good … Read more

New Jersey State

New Jersey State New Jersey Population For New Jersey Population, see here. See also below this entry. The New Jersey state and local government is covered here. New Jersey in the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on New Jersey in the American legal dictionary of this Project. His powers are … Read more

Maryland State

Maryland State In the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on Maryland in the American legal dictionary of this Project. The governor must reside at the seat of government and must receive for his services an annual salary of thirty-six hundred dollars. Developments When the public interest needs it, he must … Read more

Patent Definition

Patent Definition in United States Nature of Patent and Patent Rights For information on the Nature of Patent and Patent Rights, please see here. In the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on Patent, in contracts, in the American legal dictionary of this Project. By the twelfth section of the act … Read more

Limitation in Maine

Limitation in Maine In the Past Maine (see more about this State laws here). 1. As to real actions. The writ of right is limited to thirty years writ of ancestral seisin, twenty-five years writ of entry on party’s own seisin, twenty years. Stat. of Maine (see more about this State laws here) , eh. … Read more

Limitation in Louisiana

Limitation in Louisiana In the Past Louisiana (see more about this State laws here). The Civil Code, book 3, title 23, chapter 1, section 3, gives as follows: I. Of the prescription of one year. Art. 3499. The action of justices of the peace and notaries and people performing their duties, as well as constables, … Read more

Limitation in Delaware

Limitation in Delaware In the Past Delaware (see more about this State laws here). 1. As to lands. Twenty years of adverse possession of land is a bar. The general principles of the English law on this subject, have been adopted in this state. As to personal actions. All actions of trespass quare clausum fregit; … Read more

Limitation in North Carolina

Limitation in North Carolina In the Past North Carolina (see more about this State laws here). By the Revised Statutes, chapter 65, it is given as follows, to wit: As to lands. 1. That no person or people nor their heirs, which after this must have any right or title to any lands, tenements or … Read more

Limitation in State Law

Limitation in State Law In the Past Connecticut (see more about this State laws here). 1. As to lands. No person can make an entry into lands after fifteen years next after his right or title first accrued to the same; and no such entry is valid unless an action is afterwards commenced thereupon and … Read more

Family Interest

Family Interest In the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on INTEREST FOR MONEY in this legal reference. A general legacy, when the time of payment is not named by the testator, is not payable till the end of one year after testator’s death, at which time the interest commences to … Read more

Michigan State

Michigan State In the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on Michigan in this legal reference. No member of congress, nor any person holding office under the United States or this state, must execute the office of governor. Developments No person elected governor or lieutenant governor must be qualified to any … Read more

Mississippi State

Mississippi State Definition In the Past Important Note: this is an extension/continuation on the entry on Mississippi in this legal reference. All vacancies that may occur in said court, from death, resignation or removal, must be filled by election as aforesaid. gived, however, that if the unexpired term do not exceed one year, the vacancy … Read more

Antislavery Movement

Antislavery Movement in the United States Civil Liberties and the Antislavery Controversy Emancipation of Slavery See emancipation and the other entries on the antislavery in this encyclopedia. Resources Notes Further Reading Aptheker, Herbert. American Negro Slave Revolts. 5th ed. New York: Columbia University Press, 1987. Beckles, Hilary, and Verene Shepherd, eds. Caribbean Freedom: Economy and … Read more

State Government Jobs

State Government Jobs in the United States State Government Jobs (All 50 States) State employment websites include agencies that: Promote the well-being of the state’s workers Help workers find employment Deal with issues confronting special populations such as veterans, migrants, youth, seniors or disabled workers Provide retraining and rehabilitation These agencies conduct studies, publish labor … Read more

State Arts

State Arts in the United States State Arts State arts agencies include state councils for the arts, historical commissions, museums, film boards, and state libraries and archives. State Arts Websites State arts council sites may feature available grants and recipients, listings of arts organizations and artists working in the state, arts news, information on folk culture, … Read more

State Workers Compensation

State Workers Compensation in the United States Workers Compensation Insurance, or worker’s comp as it is commonly known, is a statutory insurance protection provided to workers who are injured in the course and scope of their employment. Workers’ Compensation is called a statutory coverage because workers compensation benefits are established by state statutes (statutory law). … Read more

State Regulatory

State Regulatory in United States Note: see State Regulatory Policy in this encyclopedia. State Regulatory Boards and Offices Note: see State Regulatory Agencies in this encyclopedia for further information. State public service and utilities commissions regulate businesses that provide telephone, cable communications, electricity, gas, oil and other utilities, with the aim of providing consumer protection to … Read more

State Aging Offices

State Aging Offices in the United States State Aging Offices As older populations grow and life spans lengthen, state governments offer programs to serve and advocate for their senior citizens and caregivers, some in conjunction with local governmental and private nonprofit organizations. Visitors to state aging office websites may find information on benefit programs, housing … Read more

State Health Departments

State Health Departments and Services in the United States State departments of health promote public health through policy initiatives, research and service programs. Often, a state’s public health administration is combined with the provision of social services. “Health” generally encompasses behavioral and environmental health as well as physical well-being, illness and communicable diseases. State Health … Read more

Security Deposit Limits

Security Deposit Limits Security Deposit Limits, by State Alabama One month’s rent, except for pet deposits, deposits to cover undoing tenant’s alterations, deposits to cover tenant activities that pose increased liability risks Alaska Two months’ rent, unless rent exceeds $2,000 per month. Landlord may ask for an additional month’s rent as deposit for a pet … Read more