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Internet links to government agencies, statutes, regulations, cases, etc. are posted by FindLaw. Supreme and appellate court cases are published in the Pacific Reporter. Primary legal materials are also available from Lexis, Westlaw and LOIS. Google Scholar, Versuslaw and Fastcase have cases back to 1950.

Lexis/Michie provides a free, annotated electronic edition of the Colorado Revised Statutes and Colorado Court Rules.

To check on the status of a pending bill, see the Status Sheets on the Colorado General Assembly web site. For questions, call the Information/Bill Room at 303-866-3055.

To get a copy of an section of the Colorado Code of Regulations from a previous year, contact the Colorado Supreme Court Library (303-837-3720); the Code is a looseleaf, but the Supreme Court Library keeps the old pages., a low-cost public records system created in cooperation with the Colorado Judiciary, provides: trial court docket sheets; corporate filings; UCC liens; and marriage and divorce records.

For a discussion of Colorado law, see West’s publishes the multi-volume Colorado Practice Series. The Colorado Practice Series is available in print and on Westlaw(COPRAC, or search the Series along with other Colorado texts, periodicals and legal forms in CO-TPLF).

For document delivery, document retrieval, public records research, insurance rate research, etc., contact Access Information.

For questions about Colorado legal materials, try calling the University of Denver College of Law Library (303-871-6188) or the Colorado Supreme Court Law Library (303-837-3720). For copies and inter-library loans, call the University of Denver Library’s ILL department (303-871-6191). You could also call the Colorado Supreme Court Library (303-837-3720).

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Topics Covered by the Colorado Legal Encyclopedia

Note: More detailed information about this State is provided in the Colorado jurisdictional legal Encyclopedia, which tie together Colorado statutory and case law.

Topics include:

  • Colorado Codes & Regulations
  • CO Cases & Case Law
  • Colorado Legal Websites
  • CO State Government Info
  • Colorado Counties
  • Colorado Cities
  • Colorado Legislation
  • Colorado Media Sources
  • Colorado Law Enforcement
  • CO Court Reporters/Depositions
  • Colorado Legal Forms
  • Colorado Courts
  • Colorado Local Court Rules
  • CO State Bar/Legal Associations

Finding the law: Colorado in the U.S. Code

A collection of general and permanent laws relating to colorado, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label examines colorado topics), to make them easy to use (usually, organized by legal areas into Titles, Chapters and Sections). The platform provides introductory material to the U.S. Code, and cross references to case law. View the U.S. Code’s table of contents here.


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