Court Reporter

Court Reporter in the United States

Person responsible for recording court proceedings. Court reporters typically use special stenotype machines to make a verbatim record of all proceedings. Taped recordings are used in some jurisdictions instead of court reporters. Transcripts from stenotype tapes are produced for all cases pursuing some issue on appeal.

Analysis and Relevance

Court reporters are court employees and part of the courtroom work group. Court reporters are salaried staff, but are separately compensated for transcribing court records for appeals. It is the transcript of a proceeding that provides the record of asserted mistakes or errors claimed by the party pursuing appeal. For example, if a criminal defendant claims a jury instruction was prejudicial, the transcript of the judge’s instruction becomes the focus of appellate court review. In some jurisdictions, the reporter is responsible for the care of physical evidence used in a case. Once the case concludes, ongoing responsibility for the preservation of evidence is transferred to the court clerk. [1]

Concept of Court reporter and its use in Law Libraries

A Court reporter is a set of law books in which the cumulative opinions of the courts of a state or federal government are published in a timely manner and in uniform format to facilitate reference.

In law libraries, court reporters are cataloged by librarians as continuing resources, which means a publication in any medium, as issued over time with no predetermined conclusion, including bibliographic resources issued successively in discrete parts and integrating resources into which updates are incorporated without remaining discrete. Examples include serials (periodicals, newspapers, etc.), monographic series, and updating loose-leaf services, databases, and Web sites.

Court Reporter Definition in the context of the Federal Court System

A person who makes a word-for-word record of what is said in court, generally by using a stenographic machine or audio recording, and then produces a transcript of the proceedings upon request.

United States Court Reporters A-Z

A alphabetical list of U.S. court reporters:


Notes and References

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