Networks 4

Networks 4 in United States

Employment Law Alliance Region: International Members: 120 Professionals: 3000 When 3,000 of the finest labor and employment lawyers from more than 100 nations form an alliance dedicated to assisting employers, […]

Law Reviews

Law Reviews in the United States Scholarly publications sponsored by law schools. Law reviews serve as outlets for legal articles by teachers, practitioners, and judges. Editorial work and some writing are done by the best students from the sponsoring school. See citation (in U.S. law) (to […]

Law Journals

Law Journals in United States Some of the most well-known law journals are: American Indian Law Review The American Journal of Comparative Law The American Journal of International Law The American Journal of Legal History The American Journal of Police Science Antitrust Law Journal Section of […]

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice in United States A tort committed by a physician against their patient. Unless a patient consents to being treated by their physician the physicians act would constitute battery. Naturally patient’s consent, but such consent must be informed (see informed consent). Even […]


Remedies in United States It is a maxim of law that for every wrong there is a remedy. Remedies are those legal aids that may be invoked by plaintiffs to cure the injuries done to them by defendants. There are a variety of remedies: monetary damages, injunctions, specific performance, and […]


Hornbooks in the United States Hornbooks are usually single volume legal books that are written by law professors for law students. Hornbooks summarize and explain a particular area of the law, discuss major cases, and present "black letter law." Hornbooks examples […]

Attorney General

Attorney General in the United States The cabinet member who heads the Department of Justice. The Attorney General of the United States (Judicial Personnel issue) is the chief law officer at the federal level. The attorney general acts as the principal legal counsel to the president and is […]

Hospital Liability

Hospital Liability in United States Hospital Liability  Hospitals may be immune from torts either as charities, when run by the private sector, under the principle of charitable immunity or, when run by the state, under a theory of governmental immunity. This immunity however would not […]

International regulations for preventing collisions at sea

International regulations for preventing collisions at sea in the United States Date: 17.6.1960 Place of Signature: London Current Depositary: IMO United Kingdom’s Position: Party Application to UK: By Acceptance: 28.8.1963 Text: TS 23/1966; Cmnd.2956 Territorial Provision: Applies to all […]

Treaty of Westphalia: General Part

Treaty of Westphalia: General Part in United States Treaty of Westphalia (24 Oct 1648). Convention (II) for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes (18 Oct 1907) Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules of law Relating to Assistance and Salvage at Sea (23 Sept 1910)and 1967 […]

American Law Reports

American Law Reports (ALR) in the United States Introduction Annotated opinions of appellate courts (see apellate court (in U.S. law) ) in all jurisdictions. ALR (in U.S. law) contains a minimum of U.S. Supreme Court cases; they are taken care of by the annotations in the Lawyer's Edition. […]