North Dakota

North Dakota in the United States

Legal Materials

Internet links to North Dakota government agencies, statutes, regulations, cases, etc. are posted by FindLaw and Washlaw Web. Primary legal materials are also available from Lexis, Westlaw and Loislaw. Google Scholar has has free cases back to 1950.

You can check on the status of pending bills through the Bills, Resolutions & Journalssection of North Dakota Legislature’s website.

Docket sheets and case information is available from the North Dakota District Court Case System, which also has data from selected municipal courts.

Land records for most counties in North Dakota are available through the North Dakota Recorders Information Network (NDRIN); a small subscription fee is required.

For questions about North Dakota legal materials, copies and/or inter-library loan, try calling the University of North Dakota’s law library (701-777-2204) and/or the North Dakota Supreme Court Law Library (701-328-4594).

Note: We linked the resources to in an effort to decrease the number of broken links cited.

Primary Law

For more U.S. state primary law resources, see:

Topics Covered by the North Dakota Legal Encyclopedia

Note: More detailed information about this State is provided in the North Dakota jurisdictional legal Encyclopedia, which tie together North Dakota statutory and case law.

Topics include:

  • North Dakota Statutes
  • ND Cases & Case Law
  • North Dakota Legal Websites
  • ND State Government Info
  • North Dakota Counties
  • North Dakota Cities
  • North Dakota Legislation
  • ND Court Reporters/Depositions
  • North Dakota Legal Forms
  • North Dakota Courts
  • ND State Bar/Legal Associations
  • North Dakota Law Enforcement
  • North Dakota Media Sources


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