Court Reporters

Court Reporters in the United States

Official Court Reporters

Here are the official reporters for the most commonly cited Federal Courts. If you
need to know the official reporter for another state or federal court, see in this Encyclopedia.

The Court and Reporter are:

  • United States Supreme Court: United States Reports (U.S.).
  • Federal Courts of Appeal: Federal Reporter (F., F.2d, F.3d), West’s Federal Appendix (F. App.) (this reporter contains opinions issued by the United States Courts of Appeal that have not been officially certified for publication. Only those issued after January 1, 2007 are always citable).
  • Federal District Courts: Federal Supplement (F. Supp., F. Supp. 2d), Federal Rules Decisions (F.R.D.), Bankruptcy Reporter (B.R.).

Other Cited Official Reporters

Here are the official reporters for the most commonly cited California Courts. Here are information about unplublished cases at Federal level.

Mealey’s Litigation Reports

Mealey’s Legal News & Litigation Reports is a series of periodicals that summarize and reprints briefs, unreported judicial opinions, and other pleadings from cases primarily in the areas of: (1) insurance, (2) toxic torts and (3) intellectual property. Mealey’s used to be an independent company, but now it is part of LexisNexis.

Information about the series is available at The Mealey’s page posted by Lexis provides information on the full line of Mealey Reports.

If you have the relevant reporter in print, you can search the annual indexes to find what you need. Otherwise, you can search databases of Mealey’s articles on Lexis (MEALEY;MEALEY).

You can get the underlying court documents back to March 2002 on Lexis. For older documents, you can get the document number or page from the summary and call Mealey’s Document Delivery Service (800-632-5397). They can send you the document by e-mail, fax, fed-ex or U.S. mail.

TIP: If you don’t wan’t to pay for the summary just to get the document number, try calling Mealey’s. Tell them the date, title and issue of the summary and they’re may be willing to look up the document number for you for free.

On Mealey’s Document Numbers: Each summary has a document number; the first two digits are the type of reporter (ex. Insurance is 03), then there’s a dash; the next two digits are the year, the next two are the month and the next two are the date, then there’s another dash; the next digit is either a 1 (if the primary source is published in the paper copy) or 0 (if it isn’t); the last two digits are supposed to indicate the order of the document in the paper publication, but it’s imprecise.

Court Reporters (Judicial Officers)

This section introduces, discusses and describes the basics of court reporters. Then, cross references and a brief overview about Judicial Officers is provided. Finally, the subject of Civil Procedure in relation with court reporters is examined. Note that a list of cross references, bibliography and other resources appears at the end of this entry.


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