Fraud in United States Fraud Definition

The unlawful obtaining of another's property by design, but without criminal intent, and with the assent of the owner obtained by artifice or misrepresentation. Any cunning deception or artifice used to circumvent, cheat, or deceive another. […]


Estoppel in the United States Estoppel Definition The preclusion of a person from asserting a fact by previous conduct, inconsistent therewith, on his own part, or the part of those under whom he claims, or by a solemn establishment, which he cannot be allowed to call in question. A […]


Censorship in the United States Censorship in the United States When the American colonists drafted laws before 1776, they borrowed from English precedents regarding personal rights and liberties but went far beyond Great Britain in the fields of freedom of religion, speech, press, and […]


Adoption in United States Adoption Definition

The act by which a person takes the child of another into his family, and treats him as his own. A juridical act creating between two persons certain relations, purely civil, or paternity and filiation. 6 Demolombe Code Nap. § 1. As […]


Agreement in the United States Agreement Definition (from Lat. aggregatio mentium). A coming together of parties in opinion or determination; the union of two or more minds in a thing done or to be done; a mutual assent to do a thing. … The consent of two or more persons concurring, the one […]


Acceptance in United States Acceptance Definition

(Lat. acdpere). Of Property. The receipt of a thing offered by another with an intention to retain it, indicated by some act sufficient for the purpose. 2 Pars. Cont. 221. , Tile element of receipt must enter into every acceptance, […]


Alimony in United States Alimony Definition

Money paid for aliment or support. The allowance which a husband, by order of court, pays to his wife, living separate from him, for her maintenance. Bish. Mar. & Div. I 549. The term is sometimes restricted to an allowance for a wife's […]


Divorce in United States Divorce Definition The dissolution or partial suspension, by law, of the marriage relation. The dissolution is termed divorce from the bond of matrimony, or, in the Latin form of the expression, a vinculo matrimonii; the suspension, divorce from bed and board, a mensa […]


Damages in the United States Compensation to a person for injury suffered. Damage (singular) refers to loss or injury to a person by accident or the negligence of another. Damages (plural) refers to the money it will take to repair that damage. Damage may take the form of personal injury in an […]

Charity Accountability

Charity Accountability in the United States Charity Governance in General For information on governance of charities in the U.S., see here. Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines for Charities: Financial Accountability and Transparency Note: These Department of Treasury Guidelines are […]


Duty in United States Practical Information Note: Some of this information was last updated in 1982

Conduct obligated to be performed by one person to another. In ton law, duty is legally sanctioned. A breach (in U.S. law) of duty results in the liability of the actor. In tax law, a duty is […]

Charity Governance

Charity Governance in the United States Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines for Charities: Governance Accountability and Transparency Note: These Department of Treasury Guidelines are designed to assist charities that attempt in good faith to protect themselves from terrorist abuse. For […]


Default in the United States Default Definition The nonperformance of a duty, whether arising under a contract or otherwise. 2 Barn. & Aid. 516. In Practice. The nonappearance of a plaintiff or defendant at court within the time prescribed by law to prosecute his claim or make his defense. […]


Legatee in United States Legatee Definition The person to whom a legacy is given. See Legacy. Legatee in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Legatee, Legatee in the World Legal Encyclopedia., Legatee, Legatee in the European Legal Encyclopedia., Legatee, Legatee in the Asian […]