Employment in United States

Employment Definition

A business or vocation. Also: calling; office; service; commission trade; profession. The service of another. Also: the act of employing, in another sense, the state of being employed. (This definition of Employment Is based on the The Cyclopedic Law Dictionary).

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Employment meaning

The hiring of a person for compensation. Whether an act occurred “within the scope of employment” will determine the liability of the employer for the torts of the employee toward third parties. (Hinton v. Columbia River Packers’ Ass’n, C.C.A.Or., 117 F.2d 310. 117)

Public Employment Relations Board

PERB decisions are published in the Official Decisions Opinions and Related Matters / Public Employment Relations Board. Alternatively, decisions can be found for many states (including NY) on Lexis (TAXANA/TNT) and Westlaw.

To Shepardize PERB decisions, either go on Lexis, or look in tables at the end of each volume.

Employment in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

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Commission trade

Concept of Employment

In relation to immigration and citizenship, Employment is defined as: Any service or labor performed by an employee for an employer within the U.S., but not including casual domestic employment or duties performed by nonimmigrant crewmen (D-1 or D-2).

Main Elements

Employment Defined

Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also referred to as labor law, these rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well.

The “At Will” Presumption

In nearly every state, the law presumes that employment relationships are at will. That is to say, employers and employees are free to terminate the relationship at any time and for any reason.

Finding the law: Employment in the U.S. Code

A collection of general and permanent laws relating to employment, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label examines employment topics), to make them easy to use (usually, organized by legal areas into Titles, Chapters and Sections). The platform provides introductory material to the U.S. Code, and cross references to case law. View the U.S. Code’s table of contents here.


In Legislation

Employment in the U.S. Code: Title 18, Part III, Chapter 307

The current, permanent, in-force federal laws regulating employment are compiled in the United States Code under Title 18, Part III, Chapter 307. It constitutes “prima facie” evidence of statutes relating to Prisons and Criminal Law (including employment) of the United States. The readers can further narrow their legal research on the topic by chapter and subchapter.



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