Trusts in the United States

Introduction to Trusts

The purpose of Trusts is to provide some solutions in relation to business law and family law. For a broad appreciation of the Trusts legal topic, see also the U.S. estate planning legal topic here and the U.S. estate planning label here.

Legal Materials

The leading treatises in the field are Scott on Trusts and Bogert’s The Law of Trusts and Trustees. Also useful are the Restatement of the Law 2d: Trusts and a Restatement of the Law 3rd: Trusts that focuses on the Prudent Investor Rule.

The Scott treaties is on Lexis (ESTATE;SCOTT). The Bogert is on Westlaw (BOGERT).

Trusts (Equitable Accountings)

This section introduces, discusses and describes the basics of trusts. Then, cross references and a brief overview about Equitable Accountings is provided. Finally, the subject of Remedies in relation with trusts is examined. Note that a list of cross references, bibliography and other resources appears at the end of this entry.


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