Taxes in the United States

Taxes and the State Laws

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Taxes in State Statute Topics

Introduction to Taxes (State statute topic)

The purpose of Taxes is to provide a broad appreciation of the Taxes legal topic. Select from the list of U.S. legal topics for information (other than Taxes).

Taxes in Constitutional Law

A list of entries related to Taxes may be found, under the Taxes category, in the United States constitutional law platform of this legal Encyclopedia.

Taxes (Nondischarge of Individual Debts)

This section introduces, discusses and describes the basics of taxes. Then, cross references and a brief overview about Nondischarge of Individual Debts is provided. Finally, the subject of Discharges in relation with taxes is examined. Note that a list of cross references, bibliography and other resources appears at the end of this entry.

Finding the law: Taxes in the U.S. Code

A collection of general and permanent laws relating to taxes, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label examines taxes topics), to make them easy to use (usually, organized by legal areas into Titles, Chapters and Sections). The platform provides introductory material to the U.S. Code, and cross references to case law. View the U.S. Code’s table of contents here.


In Legislation

Taxes in the U.S. Code: Title 26, Subtitle E, Chapter 53, Subchapter A

The current, permanent, in-force federal laws regulating taxes are compiled in the United States Code under Title 26, Subtitle E, Chapter 53, Subchapter A. It constitutes “prima facie” evidence of statutes relating to Excise Taxes (including taxes) of the United States. The reader can further narrow his/her legal research of the general topic (in this case, Arms of the US Code, including taxes) by chapter and subchapter.


Further Reading

Taxes You Paid and Tax Law

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