Business in the United States

Business Definition

Occupation or employment. Also, the employment which occupies the time, attention and labor. (This definition of Business is based on The Cyclopedic Law Dictionary).

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Valuing a Business: Legal Materials

Materials discussing how to value a business include:

  1. PrivCo’s Private Company Valuation page, for a quick overview of valuation methods;
  2. Shannon P. Pratt’s Valuing a Business and the many other publications by SPV Shanon Pratt Valuation;
  3. Tom West’s The 20__ Business Reference Guide – The Essential Guide to Pricing a Business (Business Book Press);
  4. The full line of valuation guides and books by BVR Business Valuation Resources, published in print and online through the BVR Digital Library. BVR also publishes BV Law, a database of valuation-related case law, and many other business valuation resources.

Resources providing data for valuing businesses include:

  1. The Business Valuations by Industry: Detailed Studies of Businesses Actually Soldseries (NVST Publications);
  2. Pratt Stat, BVR’s private company merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction database (subscription);
  3. BISCOMPS for data on sales of small businesses (subscription);
  4. PrivCo for data on sales of large private companies.

Research Guides

Research Guides covering the most commonly requested business topics are compiled and posted by Harvard’s Baker Library, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Lippincott Library and the Milner Library at Illinois State University.


To get the names of source materials, etc., check out Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It, and/or International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It, the Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources and/or any of a wide array of similar titles

Business in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

For starting research in the law of a foreign country:

Link Description
Business Business in the World Legal Encyclopedia.
Business Business in the European Legal Encyclopedia.
Business Business in the Asian Legal Encyclopedia.
Business Business in the UK Legal Encyclopedia.
Business Business in the Australian Legal Encyclopedia.

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Finding the law: Business in the U.S. Code

A collection of general and permanent laws relating to business, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label examines business topics), to make them easy to use (usually, organized by legal areas into Titles, Chapters and Sections). The platform provides introductory material to the U.S. Code, and cross references to case law. View the U.S. Code’s table of contents here.