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“A legal reference work is useful only to the extent that it offers three things: reasonable completeness; intelligible arrangement; and accuracy. The last two overlap. If cases are put into the wrong categories or footnotes, or if the categories are too big, then legal research becomes
laborious. Worse still, it becomes incomplete and misleading.” (J.E. CÔTÉ AND D.J. MACGREGOR)

Save time and access relevant information in a convenient, fast, and reliable way using the leading free global legal information discovery platform. The Encyclopedia of Law is a powerful reference platform that is essential for legal researchers, law school students, and the interested readers. Using a wide range of resources, including legal dictionaries, legal thesaurus, and peer reviewed and indexed entries with over 1,2 million records from 124 jurisdictions across more than 145 legal and related disciplines, users and researchers can improve productivity and facilitate important discoveries with the Encyclopedia of Law.

About the Project

The Wiki Encyclopedia of Law is a major publication venture toward a comprehensive coverage of law and the legal profession. It is an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative project, spanning all the relevant areas of law and legal practice, and advised by leading scholars and practicants from around the world.

The resource offers more than 1 millions specialised entries on topics linked to law, written by a large number of different experts and professionals. Taken as a whole, the entries shall serve as an introduction to key topics in the area of law. Each entry contains additional links to further resources.

The Encyclopedia serves as a complete reference for all key terms and concepts.

The work has many cross-references in the entries around a series of broad themes, making it convenient for students, scholars, and general readers to access the relevant entries on a specific theme.

We welcome you and look forward to your participation in this exciting project.

United States Entries

U.S. Requested Entries include:

United States Case Law

Our Case Law Resource (like U.S. Family Cases) is one of the leading provider of inexpensive and free federal and state court case docket information. We maintain listings for all web accessible courts, including Federal District, Bankruptcy, Appellate, State Supreme, Superior, Common Pleas and Municipal courts.

We als maintain listings for accessing Federal and State Opinions, Orders and Decisions, as well as a wide selection of news stories.

We have also added many new jurisdictions and courts, supplying thousands of research databases to you at no charge.

Our Case Law Resource is a valuable resource for your everyday research needs. All courts are grouped by to state for your convenience.

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