State Legislatures

State Legislatures in the United States States vary in their approach to putting their legislatures online. Some have one page for the legislature as a whole, some have separate pages for the state senate and the state house of representatives or assembly, and some are unicameral. […]

States Rights

States Rights in the United States States` Rights Introduction to States Rights States’ Rights, in United States history, political doctrine advocating the strict limitation of the prerogatives of the federal government to those powers explicitly assigned to it in the Constitution of the […]

Public Records States Law

Public Records States Law in the United States State Laws Governing Public Records From the National Association of Counties (NACo): Designed to allow access to governmental documents while protecting privacy rights and maintaining public safety, open records statutes vary from state to […]

State Session Laws

State Session Laws in the United States Session laws, Acts, State Statutory laws and Laws of the State (Ohio, New York), etc are ways of referring to bills that has been passed by the State General Assembly. Session laws and statutes are published by all 50 states. Ohio Session Laws Ohio […]

Uniform State Laws

Uniform State Laws in the United States Uniform State Laws seeks adoption of identical or similar laws by all the states. It dates back to the late nineteenth century. The first Uniform Act was the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Law, promulgated in 1896, which was adopted in New Hampshire in […]

States Political Influence

States Political Influence in the United States States` Rights Political Influence Introduction to States Political Influence Conflict in the Democratic Party developed into a full-fledged schism in the years following World War II, when Roosevelt’s Democratic successor, Harry S. Truman, […]

Regional Conflict

Regional Conflict in the United States States` Rights Regional Conflict Introduction to Regional Conflict One of the numerous controversies centering around the states’-rights issue was caused by the enactment of the federal tariff laws of 1828 and 1832 (see Tariffs, United States). Several […]

Kentucky Resolutions

Kentucky Resolutions in the United States States` Rights Kentucky Resolutions Introduction to Kentucky Resolutions The doctrine of states’ rights, discussed at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, was advanced in 1798 by Thomas Jefferson, later the third president of the U.S., against the […]