Dissent in the United States Dissent Definition A disagreement to something which has been done. It is express or implied. Read more about the meaning of Dissent in the legal Dictionaries. Dissent Definition in the Legislative Process The following is a definition of Dissent, by the […]

Trial By Referee

Trial by referee in the United States Trial Trial by referee Introduction to Trial by referee In law in the U.S., a referee is an attorney authorized by a civil court to act as an officer of the court in the determination of a proceeding or suit referred to the referee. Reference of an issue […]

Jury Charge

Jury Charge in the United States Trial Trial by Jury Summations and the Jury Charge Introduction to Jury Charge At the conclusion of the case, it is customary for both sides to make their summations, which consist of comment by counsel with regard to the testimony of the various witnesses who […]

Jury Function

Jury Function in the United States Jury Function of a Jury Introduction to Jury Function After a satisfactory jury has been drawn, the jury is sworn, and the trial proceeds. In general, during the progress of a trial, all questions of law are determined by the court and questions of fact by […]

Jury History

Jury History in the United States Introduction to Jury History The exact origin of the jury system is not known; various writers have attributed it to different European peoples who at an early period developed methods of trial not unlike the early jury trials in England. It seems probable […]

Trial Publicity

Trial Publicity in the United States Trial Publicity in Social Media in the United States and in California By Christina M. Gagnier. She is the managing partner of Gagnier Margossian’s digital strategy consultancy in Chino and leads its IP and Technology practice. And by Lisa J. Borodkin, […]

Writ Of Mandate

Writ Of Mandate in the United States Writ Of Mandate (Mandamus) Definition Mandamus in this Legal Encyclopedia Mandamus definition in the Law Dictionary Writ Of Mandate (Mandamus) in California Court of Appeal By Calvin House. His publications include Malpractice Liability to Non-Clients […]