Apportionment in United States Apportionment Definition

The division or distribution of a subject-matter in proportionate parts. Co. Litt. 147; 1 Swanst. 37, note; 1 Story, Eq. Jur. 475a. Of Contracts. The allowance, in case of the partial performance of a contract, of a proportionate […]


Smuggling in United States Smuggling Definition The fraudulent taking into a country, or out of it, merchandise which is lawfully prohibited. More specifically, a secret introduction of goods into a state with intent to avoid payment of duty thereon. Bac. Abr. Smuggling in Foreign Legal […]


Taxation in United States Taxation Definition The process of taxing or imposing a tax. Webster. In Practice. Adjustment. Fixing the amount; e. g., taxation of costs. 3 Chit. Gen. Prac. 602. Taxation in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

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Taxation, Taxation […]


Powers in the United States Copyright and Patent Powers in the Legislative Process The Congress's power, established in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, to regulate the granting of copyrights and patents to the creators of artistic works and inventors of new technologies. The idea of copyrights […]


Appropriations in the United States Introduction to Appropriations The purpose of Appropriations is to provide a broad appreciation of the Appropriations legal topic. Select from the list of U.S. legal topics for information (other than Appropriations). Finding the law: Appropriations in the […]


Adoption in United States Adoption Definition

The act by which a person takes the child of another into his family, and treats him as his own. A juridical act creating between two persons certain relations, purely civil, or paternity and filiation. 6 Demolombe Code Nap. § 1. As […]


Property in United States Property Definition

The right and interest which a man has in lands and chattels, to the exclusion of others. 6 Bin. (Pa.) 98; 4 Pet. (U. S.) 511; 17 Johns. (N. Y.) 283; 59 N. Y. 192; 31 Cal. 637; 11 East, 290, 518; 14 East, 370. The right to possess, use, […]


Appeal in the United States A request to an appellate or superior court to review a final judgment made in a lower court. Appellate jurisdiction is the power conferred upon appeals courts to conduct such a review. It empowers the court to set aside or modify the lower court decision. An […]


Senate in the United States Senate in the Legislative Process The upper house of the United States legislature and part of the United States Congress. In the Senate, all states—no matter how large or small they may be—have equal representation, so populous California gets the […]


Tariffs in the United States Tariffs of the United States in 1899 (United States) The following information about Tariffs of the United States. is from the Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States by the Best American and European […]

Oath of Office

Oath of Office in the United States Oath of Office Definition in the Legislative Process The following is a definition of Oath of Office , by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL): Oath taken by members-elect of the legislature prior to being seated and embarking upon official […]