Elections in the United States Political Parties, Elections, and Constitutional Law United States Constitution According to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, about its article titled POLITICAL PARTIES, ELECTIONS, AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAWSince the mid-1980s the Supreme Court has […]

Split-ticket Voting

Split-ticket Voting in the United States Concept of Split-ticket Voting In the U.S., in the context of Voting, Campaigns and Elections Split-ticket Voting has the following meaning: In contrast with straight ticket voting (voting for all the candidates of one party), split-ticket voters vote […]

Buckley V. Valeo

Buckley V. Valeo in the United States A description about Buckley v. Valeo is available here: The legal challenge Buckley v. Valeo resulted in a landmark 1976 U.S. Supreme Court decision on campaign finance law that upheld the Federal Election Campaign Act’s financial disclosure requirements, […]


Nominee in United States Nominee Definition One who has been nominated. See Nominate. Nominee in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Nominee, Nominee in the World Legal Encyclopedia., Nominee, Nominee in the European Legal Encyclopedia., Nominee, Nominee in the Asian Legal […]


Proposition in United States Proposition Definition An offer to do something. Until it has been accepted, a proposition may be withdrawn by the party who makes it, and, to be binding, the acceptance must be in the same terms, without any variation. See Acceptance; 1 La. 190; 4 La. 80. […]

Negative Ads

Negative Ads in the United States A description about Negative Ads is available here: These advertisements try to persuade voters to choose a candidate by making the opposing candidate look bad, by attacking either the opponent’s character or record on the issues.

Blue State

Blue State in the United States A description about Blue State is available here: Blue state is a term used to refer to a U.S. state where the majority of voters usually support Democratic candidates and causes. See also Red state.

Help America Vote Act

Help America Vote Act in the United States Help America Vote Act (hava) A description about Help America Vote Act (hava) is available here: Congress passed HAVA to address voting problems encountered in the 2000 presidential election. The act encourages state and local governments to eliminate […]

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday in the United States A description about Super Tuesday is available here: Widespread use of the phrase Super Tuesday dates from 1988, when a group of Southern states banded together to hold the first large and effective regional group of primaries in order to boost the importance […]


Blog in the United States A description about Blog is available here: Short for weblog, a blog is an online journal. Candidates use blogs to tell visitors to their websites about their activities. Others use blogs to follow the development of campaign issues or events. Political blogs are […]


Convention in United States Convention Definition In Civil Law. A general term which comprehends all kinds of contracts, treaties, pacts, or agreements. The consent of two or more persons to form with each other an engagement, or to dissolve or change one which they had previously formed. […]

Hard Money/soft Money

Hard Money/soft Money in the United States A description about Hard Money/soft Money is available here: Hard money and soft money are terms used to differentiate between campaign funding that is, and is not, regulated under federal campaign finance law. Hard money describes donations by […]

Swing Voters

Swing Voters in the United States A description about Swing Voters is available here: Voters not loyal to a particular political party sometimes can determine the outcome of an election by swinging one way or the other on an issue or candidate. Swing voters often reverse their choices in a […]

Super Pac

Super Pac in the United States A description about Super Pac is available here: This type of political action committee (PAC) is allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money from donors who can choose to remain anonymous. Super PACs are not allowed to donate directly to individual campaigns […]

Ballot Initiative

Ballot Initiative in the United States A description about Ballot Initiative is available here: Ballot initiatives are an example of direct democracy in the United States, in which citizens may propose legislative measures or amendments to state constitutions. Some initiatives propose the […]


Initiative in the United States Initiative Definition in election law, it is the process of proposing a law through a petition and then voting on it. In some states citizens can suggest a new law to be presented to voters. This suggested law is called an initiative , or a proposition. A […]

Critical Election

Critical Election in the United States Concept of Critical Election In the U.S., in the context of Voting, Campaigns and Elections Critical Election has the following meaning: An election marked by significant shifts in established voting patterns signaling an enduring realignment of the […]