Courts Of Appeals

Courts of Appeals in the United States Courts of Appeals, formerly Circuit Courts of Appeals, in the federal judiciary system of the United States, courts created by Congress in 1891 to relieve the Supreme Court of its great burden of work and thus to give speedier justice to litigants. […]


Advocacy in United States "Advocacy is the art of persuasion" Advocacy may be a promotion of a cause or point of view. It is also a general term related to a legal professional (advocate) who represents a client's interests in the courtroom; this term has no particular standing in […]


Recusal in United States Recusal Definition Recuse in this legal EncyclopediaRecusal definition in the Law Dictionary Recusal in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Recusal, Recusal in the World Legal Encyclopedia., Recusal, Recusal in the European Legal Encyclopedia., Recusal, […]

The Legal Profession

The Legal Profession in the United States The Legal Profession: Main Elements The coverage of The Legal Profession includes the following main elements: Duties and Obligations of Lawyers Find out an overview of this topic, in relation to The Legal Profession, in the legal Ecyclopedia. Lawyers […]


Diligence in United States Diligence Definition In Scotch law. Process; execution. Diligence Against the Heritage. A writ of execution by which the creditor proceeds against the real estate of the debtor. Diligence Incident. A writ or process for citing witnesses and examining havers. It is […]


Treatise in the United States Treatise in the Context of Law Research The Thurgood Marshall School of Law Library defined briefly Treatise as: A scholarly work which provides detailed treatment of a particular area of law.Legal research resources, including Treatise, helpto identify the law […]

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in the United States By Gwendolyn Mariano It’s not clear where the term originated. Of course, the concept of sharing information existed long before the term even became popular some 20 years ago in corporate America. Some observers say the term was coined by business […]

Law Firm Ownership

Law Firm Ownership in the United States Non Lawyer Ownership of Law Firms and the Professional Independence of a Lawyer In its latest manifestation of attitude, Jacoby & Meyers has filed suit in three states seeking to overturn prohibitions against nonlawyer investment in law firms. Even […]

Lawyer Referral Service

Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) in the United States Fee-Splitting Rules in California By Lisa J. Borodkin, who has a private practice specializing in Internet and entertainment law in Los Angeles. And by Christina M. Gagnier, who is the managing partner of Gagnier Margossian’s digital […]

Local Bar Associations

Local Bar Associations in the United States Local Bar Associations becoming irrelevant By Dan Grunfeld. He is a Litigation partner who co-heads Kaye Scholer’s Los Angeles and Palo Alto offices. Formerly a top policy advisor to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also was Public Counsel’s […]


The Bar in the United States Practical Information Means: 1. The collective group of lawyers permitted to practice law. 2. The court itself. 3. A defense that prohibits an action. (Revised by Ann De Vries) Definition In law, a word having several meanings; thus, it is the term used […]

Attorneys Fees

Attorneys Fees in the United States Recovering Fees from Clients By Gerald G. Knapton. He is a partner at Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley in Los Angeles. A law firm that represents itself cannot recover attorneys fees from former clients unless the underlying retainer agreement contains […]

Lawyers Professional Liability Claims

Lawyers Professional Liability Claims in the United States Professional Liability Insurance and Lawyers Liability Claims in 2013-2014 in California by Karmah Elmusa When it comes to the relationship between lawyers’ liability claims and the economy, the trend is fairly predictable. A […]