Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission in the United States See: Federal Trade Commission 2 Origins This American Commission was created by Act of the U.S. Congress, approved Sept. 26 1914, for the prevention of unfair methods of competition in commerce. It is composed of five […]


Construction in United States Construction Definition

(Lat. construere, to put together). In practice. Determining the meaning and application as to the case in question of the provisions of a constitution, statute, will, or other instrument, or of an oral agreement. Drawing […]


Apportionment in United States Apportionment Definition

The division or distribution of a subject-matter in proportionate parts. Co. Litt. 147; 1 Swanst. 37, note; 1 Story, Eq. Jur. 475a. Of Contracts. The allowance, in case of the partial performance of a contract, of a proportionate […]

Government Procurement

Government Procurement in the United States Trade Relations with the European Union Both U.S. and European governments buy a broad range of goods and services from private sector businesses, which leads to job-supporting opportunities for industries that provide information technology goods, […]


Regulation in United States Plain-English Law Regulation as defined by Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (p. 437-455):

A law issued by a state or federal administrative agency for the purpose of implementing and enforcing a statute

Citation Notes State codes of regulation are often […]

Government Owned Merchant Vessels

Finding the law: Government Owned Merchant Vessels in the U.S. Code A collection of general and permanent Laws relating to government owned merchant vessels, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label […]


Highways in the United States Highways Background Finding the law: Highways in the U.S. Code A collection of general and permanent Laws relating to highways, passed by the United States Congress, are organized by subject matter arrangements in the United States Code (U.S.C.; this label […]

Civil Rights

Civil Rights in the United States Civil Rights Definition The rights of a citizen; the rights of an individual as a citizen; the rights due from one citizen to another, the privation of which is a civil wrong, for which redress may be sought in a civil action. Also sometimes applied to the […]

Fair Labor Standards

Fair Labor Standards in the United States Concept of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in Labor Law In this context, a definition of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is offered here: The 1938 federal Wage-Hour Law which establishes minimum wage, maximum weekly hours and overtime pay requirements […]

Endangered Species

Endangered Species in the United States Presidential Memoranda Presidential Memoranda regarding Proposed Revised Habitat for the Spotted Owl: Minimizing Regulatory Burdens (February 28, 2012): Today, compelled by court order, the Department of the Interior (Department) proposed critical […]

Government Accountability Office

Government Accountability Office (GAO) in the United States Introduction to Government Accountability Office The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent agency of the U.S. government formerly known as the General Accounting Office. The name of the office was changed to […]

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement in the United States Law Enforcement and Federal_State Relations United States Constitution According to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, about its article titled LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FEDERAL_STATE RELATIONSThis country has long been committed to the notion that […]


Appropriations in the United States Introduction to Appropriations The purpose of Appropriations is to provide a broad appreciation of the Appropriations legal topic. Select from the list of U.S. legal topics for information (other than Appropriations). Finding the law: Appropriations in the […]