Interstate Commerce

Interstate Commerce in the United States The phrase “interstate commerce,” as used in the United States, denotes commerce between the citizens of different states of the Union. The words “interstate” and “intrastate” are not found in the constitution nor, until comparatively recently, in […]


Corporation in United States Corporation Definition (Lat. corpus, a body). A franchise possessed by one or more individuals, who subsist as a body politic under a special denomination, and are vested, by the policy of the law, with the capacity of perpetual succession, and of acting in […]


Disclosure in the United States Release of information by one side in a legal case to the other side. Disclosure typically involves a prosecutor revealing information to the defense in a criminal case, but defense disclosure occurs in certain situations as well. Disclosure is a kind of […]


Estoppel in the United States Estoppel Definition The preclusion of a person from asserting a fact by previous conduct, inconsistent therewith, on his own part, or the part of those under whom he claims, or by a solemn establishment, which he cannot be allowed to call in question. A […]

Identity Theft

Identity Theft in the United States Identity Theft in the case of Lawyers By Deborah Rosenthal Studies suggested that as many as a million such thefts occur every year. And privacy experts say attorneys are among the most attractive targets because they tend to have good credit and preside […]


Claims in the United States Claims Definition Patent Claims in this Legal Encyclopedia Patent Claims definition in the Law Dictionary Corporate Receivership: Claims This section covers the following: Necessity for ling claims Place for presentation Deadline for ling claims […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning in the United States Legal Materials FindLaw links to estate-planning information available online. To find treatises on estate planning in a particular state, see Searching the Law: The States by Francis R. Doyle (last published in 2003). The Estates, Gifts and Trusts […]

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory Damages in the United States Compensation seeks to remedy not merely the injured economic value but also the pain and suffering to the defendant. The former is known as pecuniary losses (Vermögenscschäden) and the latter as non-material damages (Immaterieller Einbussen) […]


Agreement in the United States Agreement Definition (from Lat. aggregatio mentium). A coming together of parties in opinion or determination; the union of two or more minds in a thing done or to be done; a mutual assent to do a thing. … The consent of two or more persons concurring, the one […]

Merger Guidelines

Merger Guidelines in the United States In Antitrust Law By William J. Kolasky (U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division) and Andrew R. Dick (Acting Chief, Competition Policy Section, U.S. Antitrust Division): There is a widening consensus among jurisdictions with […]

Employment Laws

Browse the United States Employment Topics the United States employment laws identify and regulate minimum wage, pay day requirements and other related issues like union membership and organization in the United States. Choose a cross-reference from the list below for detailed information on […]


Transportation in the United States Transportation Definition (from Lat. trans, over, beyond, porta to carry). In English law. A punishment inflicted by virtue of sundry statutes. It was unknown to the common law. 2 H. Bl. 223. It is a part of the judgment or sentence of the court that the […]

Statute Of Limitations

Statute of Limitations in the United States A law that establishes a time period within which legal action must commence. Statutes of limitation are legislative enactments and the operative time limits vary across jurisdictions and by the issue involved. Statutes of limitation typically set […]


Mergers in the United States Mergers and Acquisitions Legal Materials A periodical called Mergers & Acquisitions covers and lists mergers, and big deals are listed (with the names of the attorneys) in Thursday's New York Law Journal and theAmerican Lawyer. Analyst […]


Bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Definition The state or condition of a bankrupt. A state of insolvency (in U.S. law) in which the property of a debtor is taken over by a receiver or trustee in bankruptcy for the benefit of the creditors. See other definition of Bankruptcy in the […]


Procurement in the United States Definition and Basic Description of Procurement The action of obtaining goods, rights and services. The process of obtaining goods, rights and services includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. In the […]