Probation in the United States A criminal sentence that allows a person to return to the community under supervised release. Probation is an alternative to imprisonment and is applied to almost two-thirds of sentenced offenders in the United States. Control is maintained over the offender by […]


Fraud in United States Fraud Definition

The unlawful obtaining of another's property by design, but without criminal intent, and with the assent of the owner obtained by artifice or misrepresentation. Any cunning deception or artifice used to circumvent, cheat, or deceive another. […]

Real Property

Real Property in the United States The term real property derives from the Anglo-French phrase propreté proprieté, which in turn came from the Latin proprietat proprietas, essentially meaning private property. Real Property Definition Something which may be held by tenure, or […]


Obscenity in United States Obscenity Definition In criminal law. Such indecency as is calculated to promote the violation of the law and the general corruption of morals. It may consist in written or spoken words, conduct, pictures, or effigies. It need not be couched in obscene or vulgar […]


Appeal in the United States A request to an appellate or superior court to review a final judgment made in a lower court. Appellate jurisdiction is the power conferred upon appeals courts to conduct such a review. It empowers the court to set aside or modify the lower court decision. An […]


Interrogatories in the United States A form of pretrial discovery. Interrogatories are a series of written questions sent to an opposing party in a civil action. Interrogatories may also be directed toward witnesses for the opposing party or anyone else having relevant information. […]


Bureaucracy in the United States Bureaucracy Definition A government by departments, each under a chief; a word to describe the system used in an invidious sense. (1) A bureaucracy is a systematic way of organizing a complex and large administrative structure. The bureaucracy is responsible […]

Action in Personam

Action in Personam in United States Action In Personam Definition See Actio in Personam. Action In Personam in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Action In Personam, Action In Personam in the World Legal Encyclopedia., Action In Personam, Action In Personam in the European Legal […]


Exception in United States Exception Definition (Lat. excipere; ex, out of, capere, to take). In Contracts. A clause in a deed by which the lessor excepts something out of that which he granted before by the deed. The exclusion of something from the effect or operation of the deed or contract […]


Committee in United States Committee Definition A person or body of persons to whom a matter is committed for superintendence, action, or recommendation. In Legislation. One or more members of a legislative body, to whom is specially referred some matter before that body, in order that they […]


Dissolution in United States Dissolution Definition

In Contracts. The dissolution of a contract is the annulling thereof by the contracting parties. Of Corporations. The termination of the corporate existence in any manner, whether by expiration of the charter, decree of court, act of […]


Nominate in United States Nominate Definition To appoint. Applied in this sense to the designation by a person of one to act as fiduciary or personal representative. Thus it is the customary term in designating the executor by a testator. To make a candidate for election. See Candidate. […]


Plaintiff in the United States The person who commences or initiates a civil legal action. A plaintiff is also called a complainant because it is the plaintiff who complains about some kind of legal injury and seeks relief through a lawsuit. The counterpart to the plaintiff in a criminal case […]


Disease in the United States Disease Historic Definition For the purpose of furnishing an excuse for what would otherwise be a crime, voluntary drunkenness is not regarded as a disease affecting the mind; but involuntary drunkenness, and diseases caused by voluntary drunkenness, fall, so far […]


Federal in United States Federal Definition A term commonly used to express a league or compact between two or more states. In the United States, the central government of the Union is federal. The constitution was adopted to form a more perfect union among the states, for the purpose of […]

Municipal Corporation

Municipal Corporation in United States Municipal Corporation Definition A public corporation, created by government for political purposes, and having subordinate and local powers of legislation; e. g., a county, town, city, etc. 2 Kent, Comm. 275; Angell & A. Corp. 9, 29; 1 Baldw. (U. S.) […]


Temporary in United States Temporary Definition Which is to last for a limited time. A temporary statute, or one which is limited in its operation for a particular period of time after its enactment; the opposite of perpetual. 70 111. 399. See Statute. Temporary in Foreign Legal […]