Smuggling in United States Smuggling Definition The fraudulent taking into a country, or out of it, merchandise which is lawfully prohibited. More specifically, a secret introduction of goods into a state with intent to avoid payment of duty thereon. Bac. Abr. Smuggling in Foreign Legal […]


Opposition in United States Opposition Definition

In bankruptcy practice. The act of a creditor who declares his dissent to a debtor's being discharged under the bankrupt laws.

Opposition in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias

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Opposition, […]

Parent Corporation

Parent Corporation in United States Practical Information Note: Some of this information was last updated in 1982See subsidiary corporation (in U.S. law).(Revised by Ann De Vries) What is Parent Corporation? For a meaning of it, read Parent Corporation in the Legal Dictionary here. Browse and […]


Notice in United States Notice Definition

Information, whether actual or presumptive, and whether direct or indirect, respecting a matter of fact. Notice is either (1) actual, consisting of information actually received, or (2) constructive, consisting of facts which, by implication of […]


Research in United States Practical Information Court opinions are the cornerstone of the law. The purpose of legal research is to locate previous cases (court opinions) that are similar in some way to the case at hand (lawyers would say the "case at issue"). Armed with these cases, […]

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance in United States Plain-English Law Unemployment Insurance as defined by Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (p. 437-455):UI) A program run jointly by federal and state governments that provides money benefits for a specified time after an employee has been laid off or […]


Cancellation in United States Cancellation Definition

The act of crossing out a writing; the manual operation of tearing or destroying a written instrument. 1 Eq. Cas. Abr. 409; Roberts, Wills, 367, note. Revocation or annulment of an instrument in any manner. See 58 Pa. St. 238. […]


Handwriting in United States Handwriting Definition Anything written by a person. The manner in which a person writes, including the formation of the characters, the separation of the words, and other features distinguishing the written matter, as a mechanical result, from the writing of […]


Action in United States Action Definition (Lat. agere, to do; to lead; to conduct). A doing of something; something done. The term is, in legal usage, confined to practice, having no technical meaning, in the substantive law, except in the French law, in which it denotes shares in a company, […]


Abandonment in United States Abandonment Definition

Relinquishment; surrender; desertion; waiver. Of Property. The relinquishment of property or right with intent not to reclaim the same. It implies a relinquishment to the public generally, or to the next comer; a surrender to a […]


Municipal in United States Municipal Definition Strictly, this word applies only to what belongs to a city. Among the Romans, cities were called municipia. These cities voluntarily joined the Roman republic in relation to their sovereignty only, retaining their laws, their liberties, and […]

Private Carrier

Private Carrier in United States Private Carrier Definition A carrier who is not a common carrier, because he does not hold himself out as ready to carry all persons who may employ him. Private Carrier in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Private Carrier, Private Carrier in the […]

Substantive Law

Substantive Law in United States Substantive Law Definition That portion of the body of the law which contains the rights and duties and the regulations of government, as opposed to that part which contains the rules and remedies by which the substantive law is administered. The latter is […]


Premises in United States Premises Definition (Lat. prae, before, mittere, to put, to send). That which is put before; the introduction; statements previously made. See 1 East, 456. Premium tRES In Conveyancing. That part of a deed which precedes the habendum, in which are set forth the names […]


Injury in the United States Damage done to any legally protected interest of someone else. Injury may take a variety of forms, but generally involves damage to one’s person, rights, property, or reputation. Injuries may be private or public. Private injury is infringement of individual […]


Local in United States Local Definition (Law Lat. localia, from locus, place). Relating to place; expressive of place; belonging or confined to a particular place. Distinguished from general, personal and transitory. Local in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Local, Local in the […]