Tort in the United States Introduction A private or civil injury to a person or property. An injured party may bring suit, but tort actions do not represent a major portion of civil case filings. Rather, such claims are typically resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit. The potential for […]


Income in United States Income Definition

The gain which proceeds from labor, business, or property of any kind. 44 Pa. St. 347. It is as large a word as can be used to denote a person's receipts (21 Ch. Div. 85), and means "gross income," not "profits" (18 Wend. […]


Citizenship in the United States Definition of Citizenship Citizenship means membership in a political community. Citizenship may pertain either to a state or to the United States or to both. Each status carries with it certain obligations of the citizen and also gives the citizen the […]


Divorce in United States Divorce Definition The dissolution or partial suspension, by law, of the marriage relation. The dissolution is termed divorce from the bond of matrimony, or, in the Latin form of the expression, a vinculo matrimonii; the suspension, divorce from bed and board, a mensa […]


Exchange in United States Exchange Definition

In Commercial Law. A negotiation by which one person transfers to another funds which he has in a certain place, either at a price agreed upon, or which is iixed by commercial usage. This transfer is made by means of an instrument which […]


Cccs in United States Cccs Definition Consumer Credit Counseling Service in this Legal EncyclopediaConsumer Credit Counseling Service definition in the Law Dictionary Cccs in Foreign Legal Encyclopedias LinkDescription Cccs, Cccs in the World Legal Encyclopedia., Cccs, Cccs in the European […]


Summons in the United States An instrument used to notify people of a legal cause against them and direct their appearance at a court. A summons is used to notify a person that a criminal complaint has been filed. Summons notification in criminal cases is usually reserved for nonserious […]


Estate in United States Plain-English Law Estate as defined by Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (p. 437-455):Generally, all the property a person owns at death Basic Meaning of Estate Estate means: the property of a deceased person, both real and/or personal. Resources See Also Legal […]


Court in United States Court Definition (Lat. cohora, an inclosure). A body in the government to which the public administration of justice is delegated. A tribunal established for the administration of justice. 18 Mo. 570. The presence of a sufiicient number of the members of a judicial body […]

Rebuttable Presumption

Rebuttable Presumption in United States Rebuttable Presumption Definition In the law of evidence. A presumption which may be rebutted by evidence. Otherwise called a disputable presumption. A species of legal presumption which holds good until disproved. Best, Pres. § 25 ; 1 Greenl. Ev. §33. […]

Canon Law

Canon Law in United States Canon Law Definition A body of ecclesiastical law, which originated in the church of Rome, relating to matters of which that church has or claims jurisdiction. A canon is a rule of doctrine or of discipline, and is the term generally applied to designate the […]

Permanent Alimony

Permanent Alimony in United States Permanent Alimony Definition Permanent alimony is a provision for the support and maintenance of a wife out of her husband’s estate during her lifetime, ordered by a court on decreeing a divorce. 188 Mich. 195. Permanent Alimony in Foreign Legal […]


Donation in United States Donation Definition In ecclesiastical law. A mode of acquiring a benefice by deed of gift alone, without presentation, institution, or induction. 3 Steph. Comm. 81. The act by which the owner of a thing voluntarily transfers the title and possession of the same from […]


Park in United States Park Definition (Law Latin parous), In Old Law. An inclosure. 2 Bl. Comm. 38. A pound. Reg. Orig. 166; Cowell. Park is still retained in Ireland for pound. In English Law. An inclosed chase (in the definition of Park based on the Cyclopedic Law Dictionary ) extending […]


Remand in the United States The sending of a case back to the original trial court after an appeal. The case is remanded when there are matters that require reconsideration under the terms of the appellate court decision. The term remand also applies to a prisoner who is sent back to detention […]

Due Process Of Law

Due Process of Law in the United States Legal concept representing the normal and regular administration of law. Due process is founded on the principle that government may not act arbitrarily or capriciously. It means that government may only act in ways established by law and under such […]