Property in United States Property Definition

The right and interest which a man has in lands and chattels, to the exclusion of others. 6 Bin. (Pa.) 98; 4 Pet. (U. S.) 511; 17 Johns. (N. Y.) 283; 59 N. Y. 192; 31 Cal. 637; 11 East, 290, 518; 14 East, 370. The right to possess, use, […]

Department of State Function

Department of State Function in the United States To Review At the State Department, I have been proud to lead the 70,000 dedicated public servants who spend their days advancing the cause of peace and security. All over the world, our diplomats work to keep the American people safe, […]

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von in United States Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE, g?’t?, Johann Wolfgang (von), German poet, novelist, playwright, scientist and critic of life: b. Frankfort-on-the-Main, 28 Aug. 1749. From his father, a well-to-do lawyer who practised but little, he inherited […]