Avoidable consequences rule

Avoidable consequences rule in United States

Avoidable consequences rule 

This rule is the mirror of the rule of consequential damages (Folgeschaden). Although the plaintiff has a right to all damages stemming from the defendants tortious conduct, they also have a duty to take reasonable steps necessary to prevent consequential damages.

Baglio . N. Y. Central R. Co., 344 Mass. 14, 180 N.E.2d 798.

See: intervening and superseding cause, proximate cause

Battery | Strafbare Handlung gegen Leib und Leben | Violence:

Harmful or offensive contact with the preson or another or with something closely appurtenant thereto, resulting from an act intended to create such contact or the in the apprehension thereof directed at the other or at a third person. Battery can either be the result of a negligent or intentional act. Battery may be justified for example as self defence, in aid of an authority in law or under process of a court of justice.

See: assault

In German Law: Strafbare Handlung gegen Leib und Leben

Die darin besteht, dass eine Person einen Menschen an Körper oder Gesundheit schädigt oder gegen diesen eine Tätlichkeit verübt. (VE)Schweiz.Strafgesetzbuch Art.122 RandT(SR 311.0); c.f. Körperverletzung

In French Law: Violence

Code pénal suisse at.122 tit.mag.(RS 311.0);d’après source;at.123,125 et 126;(EXP)d’après source;at.122 tit.mag.,123
tit.mag.,125 tit.mag.et 126 tit.mag.

Infraction contre la vie et l’intégrité corporelle commise par quiconque porte atteinte à l’intégité corporelle ou à la santé d’une autre pesonne ou qui se live sur elle à des voies de fait.
-(VE)Code pénal suisse at.122 tit.mag.(RS 311.0) ; c.f. lésion corporelle

In Italian Law

Reato contro la vita e l’integrità della persona commesso da chiunque cagiona un danno al corpo o alla salute di una persona o commette vie di fatto contro una persona.
(VE)Codice penale svizzero,art.122 marg.(RS 311.0)
c.f.; lesione personale

-Codice penale svizzero,art.122 marg.(RS 311.0);secondo fonte;art.123,125 e 126;(EXP)secondo fonte;art.122 marg.,123, 126 marg.
{DOM} diritto penale ordinario e militare

Breach of Contract | Vertragsverletzung

Failure without legal excuse to perform any promise which forms a part or the whole of a contract leading to a right of damages on the part of the non-breaching party.

See: intentional interference with prospective advantatge



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